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2020 Holiday & Vacation Schedule - Center Closed   

1/20/2020 - Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

2/17/'20 - President's Day

5/25/'20 - Memorial Day

6/12/'20 - Moving Up Ceremony Early Dismissial@12pm

6/29 - 7/3/'20 Reliable Learning Vacation

Infants need special care because it is during this stage that their motor and independent skills develop quickly.  With 20 years of experience in infant care, you can count on our staff to care for and nurture your baby.

A Caring and Nurturing Infant Daycare and Learning Center in Cortlandt Manor

The staff at Reliable Learning is always focused on keeping your baby happy and engaged throughout the day with fun-filled activities.  In addition to warm and nurturing interactions with staff and other infants, we have special programs designed for learning and development of language and motor skills.

  • Nutritious meals and snacks

  • Diaper changes

  • Nap time and outdoor play

  • Language development and motor skills

  • Sharing lessons

  • Arts and crafts

  • Emotional and social development

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At our learning center, we will provide your baby with a home-like environment that is filled with learning, individual attention, and experiences.  Your baby will have nurturing and friendly interactions with our caregivers.

Special program to help with the development of independent skills

Special sibling DISCOUNTS available - call right away for more information.

A Loving and Caring Infant Learning Center for Your Baby

Fun-filled activities for your infant

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